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  1. Stacey M says:

    I have a very close friend who moved to NB…near Harvey. He is retired and would like a free or affordable counselor. Could you please email me your fee(s)?
    Thank You,
    Stacey M

    • Miriam Laskey says:

      We have variable fees, dependent on the situation. We offer sliding scale or pro bono (free). Sorry for not getting back to you, as although I am the administrator on the website, I am also a counsellor and only administer the website occasionally. you can contact me directly on a link in the website under my name, Miriam Laskey, mlaskey.havenforhope@rogers.com. I can counsel for low or no price. I only do a few pro bono but would be glad to help. I occasionally travel to Harvey on the weekends as well, if your friend has problems getting into town. Pro bono for me is 5 to 6 sessions, two weeks apart for a couple of months. If that is helpful, have your friend contact me at the email or alternatively on my cell 506-292-5818 Cell, voicemail or text. Miriam Laskey, Registered social worker

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