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Halifax Counsellors

Halifax Counsellors

Madeline MacIntyre, BA, BSW, MSW, RSW 

Madeline is a Registered Social Worker with the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers, and is seeing clients at our Halifax location. She is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Depression and Anxiety and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). She received a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Criminology and Sociology from Saint Mary’s University, a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Victoria, and a Master of Social Work (Healthcare) from the University of Waterloo. Madeline has worked in various social work settings, including mental health, child and family, and victim services. These opportunities have allowed her to learn and grow alongside individuals of all ages, gender identities, abilities, and sexualities, as well as most cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

Madeline uses a holistic, anti-oppressive approach that builds upon the strengths and resiliency within a person, including a comprehensive integration of the social determinants and barriers to client health outcomes. She places value in working with clients across all social locations to recognize internal and external stressors caused by experiences of oppression, trauma, hardship, and violence. She believes in a therapeutic relationship that is strengths-based, tailored to the client’s needs, and promotes empowerment, autonomy, and self-determination. Madeline aims to be self-reflective in the helping process and place value in providing clients with a genuine, respectful, listening presence and conscientious, client-centered support system.

Tiffany Saunders, BA, BSW, MSW, SWC 

Tiffany focuses on taking a holistic health and wellness approach to the clients she works with, considering the social, economic and cultural contexts people have been shaped by. She is passionate about supporting others to connect to their own inner wisdom and guides, in addition to advocating for people to have equal access to the social determinants of health.

Some of her work has been assisting families with the challenges associated with the child protection system, in addition to accessing supports for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. She has worked closely with youth experiencing homelessness, those who have experienced sexual violence and people who are involved in the justice system. She is sensitive to the complexities of system level harms, and finding ways to interrupt them in collaboration with clients and other community partners.

Her approach in counselling is to provide an empathetic, non-judgemental safe space for people to be themselves, heal at their own pace, and work towards their dreams and goals. She is passionate about supporting self-identifying young women and girls, as well adult women around embodiment practices, addressing some of the collective challenges that women uniquely face. She is interested in working with all genders and non-gender specific people, sexual orientations, cultural and religious affiliations.

Some of her favourite practices and activities are yoga, boxing, meditation, cold dipping, hiking in nature, reading and staying connected to close friends and family.

Hallie Burt, BSW, MSW, RSW

Hallie works with teens, adults, and families facing various relational and mental health challenges. Her mission is to foster empowerment, vitality, and well-being. She is especially passionate about supporting 2SLGBTQIA+ youth and adults, families, women, and survivors of intimate partner violence.

Hallie supports those who have experienced relational wounds and struggle to cope with conflict or the aftermath of trauma and harm. She understands that harm can occur in many types of relationships—romantic, familial, or societal. Hallie aids in healing and managing triggers, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and external barriers to well-being. Her goal is to help you feel safer, overcome harsh self-narratives, and live a meaningful life.

Employing an anti-oppressive, culturally responsive, trauma-informed approach, Hallie primarily uses narrative therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. She also incorporates emotion-focused family therapy, DBT, and attachment theory. With a playful, calm, and compassionate demeanor, Hallie creates a safe and supportive space for exploring your feelings and experiences.