Wednesday Wisdom
Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom 🧠✨
Your anxiety will start to lessen once you begin to notice, trust and act on the signals your body is giving you. The more you listen, the more you grow, connect and trust yourself.
Often we get stuck in what “should” be, instead of what is. When we ignore what is, then we are repressing our feelings and responses. When we ignore our feelings, they do not just disappear, they are stored in our body. When our feelings get stored in our bodies, they do not become lesser, they become louder. Our bodies become sick, tired and burnt out. Our bodies refuse to let us live the life that once was.

May be a graphic of text that says "WE GET STUCK STUCK IN WHAT "SHOULD"BE, "BE, BE, INSTEAD OF WHAT IS. @havenforhopecounselingcentre"The more disconnected we are to our bodies, the more they break down. Resulting in feeling anxious, depressed, exhausted, unmotivated and even easily irritated.

But, connecting to our bodies when we have spent so much time disconnecting to them, takes time.
It starts with noticing your responses, sensations/feelings, thoughts and just allowing them to exist. This can be saying yes when you want to yes or saying no when you want to say no. Giving yourself the permission to be present to your feelings and the sensations that come up. This can be uncomfortable at first, but learning to sit with the discomfort can allow you to connect to the parts of you that you have been resisting or trying to control.
Give yourself permission to walk away from people/relationships, environments and jobs that drain you. Allow yourself to be present in the moments that feel good, and surround yourself with people and environme
nts that light you up. Listen to your body when it is time to stop, and rest when you need to rest.